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Lady Of The Lake Process Servers & Mobile Notary

A local family-owned legal support services business, specializing in professional process service and traveling notary service.

All Lady Of The Lake Process Servers are Oregon state commissioned notaries. We are fully bonded and E&O insured to $1,000,000/$2,000,000.


- Process Service: Service includes four attempts and notarization of the proof-of-service affidavit, if requested. Also includes mailing a copy of the service packet for Office and Substitute Service, if requested. Documents may be mailed, PDF-emailed, or left in Lane County Circuit Court Box 248. Free pick-up from law firms located within the Eugene Metro area. Please complete our Service Request Form / Field Sheet and include it with your service documents.
- Skip-Trace: We have special access to DMV databases and the proper forms for use with the U.S. Postal Office to help you find hard to locate defendants and get them served.
- Mobile Notary: Notary Services at your client's home, work, hospital, residential-care, or nursing facility.

Price Schedule:

- Eugene/Springfield Metro Area: $45.00 per address.
- Lane County rural towns: $55.00 (Junction City, Harrisburg, Creswell, Crow, Elmira, Veneta, Marcola, Walterville)
- Lane County distant rural towns: $65.00 (Cottage Grove, Pleasant Hill, Dexter, Lowell, Oakridge, Vida, Blue River, Mapleton)
- Coastal cities (within Lane County): $120.00 for the first attempt. $96.00 for each additional attempt until service has been effected or the documents are deemed non-servable, e.g., bad address, inaccessible property, vacancy, etc.
- Additional subjects to serve at the same address: $30.00
- Rush Service:
$20.00 First attempt to be made within 24 hours of receipt of service packet. No Rush Service charge for posting of F.E.D. and Notice of Restitution notices.
- Address Locate/Skip Trace: $16.00 per DMV database search for Oregon vehicle plates or Oregon DMV ID/License address look-up, for the purpose of locating subjects to be served.
- Surveillance/Stake-Outs: $60.00/hour, billed in 15 minute increments, for the purpose of waiting and surprising subjects to be served.
- Writs of Garnishment Level 1: $65.00 Delivery and filing of Affidavit of Service.
- Writs of Garnishment Level 2: $150.00 Doc prep assistance, filing of Writ, Delivery, and filing of Affidavit of Service.
- Mobile Notary: $10 per signature plus Travel Fee. Travel Fee is the same price as locations listed above.


Note: Lady Of The Lake is not a law firm and we do not provide any legal advise. Also, we do not provide investigative services that do not involve the actual process of serving legal documents by our firm.

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